Pi Beta Phi

Sincere Friendship, Philanthropic Service to Others, Personal & Intellectual Growth

The Kentucky Beta chapter of Pi Beta Phi strives to promote academic success, true sisterhood and community outreach on the University of Kentucky campus.

quick facts

Nickname: Pi Phi
Mascot: Angel
Flower: Wine Carnation
Colors: Wine & Silver Blue


Philanthropy: Literacy and Pi Beta Phi Foundation
Events: Greek Bowl

Minimum gpa required to join

High School GPA: 3.0
College GPA: 2.8

financial obligations (by semester)

New Member: $984.00
Out of House Member Fall and Spring: $670.00
In House Member Fall and Spring: $3,980.00

Check out their social Media

Twitter: @ukpiphi
Instagram: @UKPiPhi

Letter to the pnm

Pi Beta Phi was founded April 28, 1987, at Monmouth College and was the first to organize a national philanthropic project, which eventually resulted in establishing literacy and education as our official philanthropic effort. After starting a library and establishing a settlement school in 1910, it became evident that the sisters of Pi Beta Phi share a love for helping others by inspiring a lifelong love of reading to create a more educated and productive society.

Pi Beta Phi has more than 135 collegiate chapters and 285 alumnae clubs around the world, so that no matter where life takes you, you will always have a sister to lean on. At Pi Beta Phi, we strive to meaningfully impact collegiate years to spark a desire for lifelong commitment.

I came into the recruitment process completely unaware of the potential impact a sorority can have on someone. Three years later I can truly say that joining Pi Beta Phi has not only changed my college experience, but the course of my entire life. I have been lucky enough to meet the most inspiring women and call them my sisters, take on leadership roles that have contributed to my personal growth, and reap the benefits of being a part of something with so much history that is so much greater than myself. Transitioning to college is intimidating and overwhelming, but finding a chapter that gives you that feeling of home makes all the difference. My sisters at Pi Beta Phi and 409 Columbia Avenue have become my home over the past three years. I know you too will find your new home at Kentucky.

Lilli Nelson

Vice President of Membership