The Primary Recruitment Process

The Primary Recruitment Process at the University of Kentucky is a nine day process that begins after the start of classes. 2018 Fall Primary Recruitment begins on August 21st with PNM Orientation and ends September 4th with Bid Day! Recruitment is a values based, mutually selective process aimed to maximize the opportunity that both potential new members and chapters have in selecting a sorority experience that matches their values. 


Orientation- august 21 and 24

PNMs will attend an orientation presented by the recruitment staff to prepare PNMs for the weeks ahead. During this time, PNMs will learn about expectations of recruitment week, interact with other PNMs, and have the opportunity to ask the recruitment staff questions. After the orientation, PNMs will reconvene with their Gamma Chi groups and learn more about values-based recruitment through Phired Up's program "iValU."  

Open house- august 25 and 26

Open House is the first of four rounds in Primary Recruitment. During Open House, PNMs will be provided with a tshirt for each day and will visit all 14 chapters with their Gamma Chi groups. Each functions lasts 30 minutes and is focused on getting-to-know-you conversations. There is a one hour break each day for PNMs to get lunch on their own. On the final day of Open House rounds, PNMs will meet with their Gamma Chis to fill out their selection sheets. 

Philanthropy- August 31 and September 1


Philanthropy is the second round of Primary Recruitment. Women have the opportunity to visit a maximum of 10 chapters on their own. While PNMs will not be traveling with their recruitment group, Gamma Chis will still be stationed throughout campus to help guide women and answer any questions. These functions will last 40 minutes and are focused on philanthropy and community service. PNMs will participate in a service activity with each chapter. On the first day of Philanthropy Rounds, PNMs will be provided with a Jimmy Johns family lunch. 

Sisterhood- September 2

Sisterhood is the third round of Primary Recruitment. Women will visit a maximum of 6 chapters and each function will last 40 minutes. Sisterhood rounds are themed around "Tell Your Story" in order for PNMs to really learn the values and obligations of a chapter that makes them unique. This is a great day for PNMs to ask chapters about the requirements of membership such as weekly and semester obligations as well as financial obligations.K Week begins this day, and at the completion of rounds, women who live in the residence halls will attend their first floor meeting of the year.

Preference- September 3

Preference is the final round of Primary Recruitment. PNMs will visit a maximum of 2 chapters. Prior to beginning this round, PNMs will complete a Pre-Preference Orientation with their Gamma Chi. Women can expect these rounds to be more serious, and chapters will hold a Preference Ceremony that often offers  insight into the chapter and their purpose. At the end of the functions, PNMs will go to Memorial Hall to complete the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA). This is when PNMs rank the chapters they visited in order of her preferences. 

Bid Day- September 4

Bid Day is the final day of Primary Recruitment whne PNMs find out which chapter they will be joining! PNMs will attend the Panhellenic Pledging Ceremony in Memorial Coliseum. They will wear a Panhellenic Bid Day shirt. The ceremony includes the Gamma Chi Affiliation Reveal and a pledge to the Panhellenic community. After this, you will open their bid cards. One women find out their new affiliation, they meet with their new chapter to learn their first chant and then run home to meet their new sisters!