Complete iValU by TOMORROW!!

Your iValU bracket is due tomorrow!! Make sure to follow the directions below to complete it.

Below is information about a program that you need to complete by Monday, August 7, 2017. This program – called iValU – is designed to help you learn more about the recruitment process, as well as define what you are looking for in a sorority experience. The program is in two parts. Part one is a video to watch about the recruitment process and some questions to think about before you come for recruitment. Part two is the Values Bracket where you will identify the primary values that you have and are looking for in a sorority experience. Please follow the steps below to complete the program.

Part One – Watch the Video

Part Two – Complete the Values Bracket

  • Go to
  • Enter code: wildcats2017
  • Read the instructions and select 32 values from the list
  • Complete the bracket on the next page.
    • You will have to complete each round (both sides) before moving on to the next stage. You will also have to choose a value in the championship round (your top value) before moving on.
  • Enter your information into the box that pops up. Use the email address that you used to register for recruitment. Be sure to choose the University of Kentucky and hit save.

If you have issues or concerns with completing the program, be sure to let us know via email at or by phone at 859-257-3151.