March 2, 2017

Hi everyone! I'm Anna Fitzhugh and I'm the Inter-Sorority Relations Chair on the Panhellenic Executive Board! Panhellenic meets every Monday from 3:30-4:00 pm at different sorority houses! The goal of this newsletter is to keep you all updated on the different happenings within Panhellenic and on our campus! 

March is really exciting for us as we are planning Month of the Woman, with our Programming Chair, Hannah Went. This month Panhellenic is going to be hosting a variety of events to empower Panhellenic, NPHC, UGC, and all women on our campus, so be on the lookout for that announcement! 

We received back the report from when NPC was here on campus doing a consultation. Annie Arnold, the Leadership Chair, was elected by Panhellenic to oversee the implementation of their suggestions! She told us about how she went over the suggestions from the NPC report with the NPC Committee and that she thinks creating committees within Panhellenic to implement their suggestions would be the best way to make those changes! 

Panhellenic will be tabling and presenting at the upcoming Merit Weekends. Merit Weekend is an opportunity for academically successful incoming freshman to do their orientation early and get first-priority registration!  It? s a really great way to start talking with incoming students about Greek Life and Recruitment! 

Our Panhellenic is applying for a few different awards at the Coalition for Collegiate Women? s Leadership Annual Conference. Each year our Panhellenic delegates and a couple of Executive members are attending in March. We decided to apply for Risk Management, Philanthropy, and Leadership Development awards at the conference! 

The Junior Panhellenic Chair, Hannah Rajan told us her great idea of having chapters submit image boards for their Bid Day theme ideas and she would approve them on a first come first serve basis. 

This year, Amy Nutt, the Diversity and Inclusion Chair, will be holding the Diversity and Inclusion committee that she is so excited about! The creation of that committee is going to be crucial for all four Greek councils on our campus to be more integrated and involved in each other's activities.

Panhellenic voted on recruitment guidelines. and all were approved, with a few amendments. The amendments were to clarify exactly what financial information was to be in the promotional video put out by each chapter and to have the chapters  dress more casual on Bid Day!