Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment Receives Delta Zeta Award

We are sending a BIG congratulations to our Vice President of Recruitment, Hannah Waltmon! Hannah was recently named a recipient of the 2019 Florence Hood Miner Award from Delta Zeta sorority. The award is given to a member of Delta Zeta that makes large contributions to her own Delta Zeta chapter. The recipient is to exhibit great leadership throughout their campus while continuing to focus on her academics.

Hannah is a rising senior that serves as a leader within her chapter and Panhellenic community. Hannah is studying Communication Sciences and Disorders. In her free time she makes an effort to serve the community through the Ronald McDonald Red Shoe Crew, the Lexington Hearing and Speech Center, and College Mentors for Kids.

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Refer someone for Primary Recruitment!

Hi everyone!

Summer is in full swing as we are preparing for primary recruitment! We are so excited that so many women have already registered for recruitment! But, we know that many women have not heard about our recruitment experience! If you know someone that would love to participate in primary recruitment and would like to be a part of our greek community, refer her!

To get to our referral page just scroll to the top of our website to recruitment and you will see the “Refer Someone” page! Then all you have to do is provide us with her information!

Go Cats!

Katie Custer, President  Hannah Waltmon, Vice President of Recruitment

Regan Martin, President Elect  Laura Leigh Phelps, Vice President of Recruitment Elect

Come see us at SeeBlue U 2019!

Hi Everyone!

SeeBlueU will be starting on June 17th and we are SO excited to see all of the incoming freshmen! The Panhellenic Council will be tabling at the Resource Fair in the Gatton Student Center Ballroom A, 10:00am-1:30pm! Stop by to ask us any questions you have about the council or Primary recruitment!

We will also have an information session in the Gatton Student Center Worsham Cinema at 11:15am on Day 2 of SeeBlue U orientation! This information session will give you a detailed overview of the recruitment process and everything you might want to know about our council!

Go Cats!

Katie Custer, President  Hannah Waltmon, Vice President of Recruitment

Regan Martin, President Elect  Laura Leigh Phelps, Vice President of Recruitment Elect

UK Panhellenic Council Wins Top Award; Sororities Offer Meaningful Experience for Women

By: Gail Hairston

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Aug. 16, 2018) — The University of Kentucky Panhellenic Council is among the 43 College Panhellenic Associations recently recognized by the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) with awards for excellence and achievement in their work to advance the sorority experience throughout 2017-18. This is the 19th National Panhellenic Conference award presented to the UK Panhellenic Council since 1995.

“The College Panhellenic Associations being recognized have excelled in all areas of Panhellenic operations and met the core competencies of reporting and communication,” said Frances Mitchelson, NPC Panhellenic chairman. “We are proud of their hard work and dedication to upholding high standards for their College Panhellenic and ensuring the sorority experience is beneficial for all members on their campus.”

College Panhellenic Associations (CPAs) are cooperatives comprised of all NPC-member sororities on a campus. NPC-member organization chapters are located at more than 670 U.S. and Canadian colleges and universities, but only the top-scoring groups are honored.

“I am very proud the University of Kentucky Panhellenic Council was honored by the National Panhellenic Conference,” said Assistant Dean of Students Susan West, the director of Fraternity and Sorority Life at UK. “The leadership of the 3,400-member organization (at UK) has worked hard to support their members, the university and our community. The council worked hard this past year to implement recommendations from a National Panhellenic Conference consulting team and from the university’s administration. This award acknowledges the strength of our Panhellenic community and the achievement of their goals.”

Each CPA was scored on seven criteria of value to all campuses. The 25 Excellence Award recipients, including UK, met all seven criteria. The criteria are:


communication with NPC-area advisor;

judicial procedures;

Panhellenic community impact and relations;

Panhellenic programming;

Panhellenic structure; and


UK Panhellenic President Grace Fultz said, “I believe the significance of UK Panhellenic's consistent recognition of excellence is because we are constantly trying to invent new ways to better the entire community in many different areas. There are always goals we work toward as a council that we set at the beginning of the year, and we don't stop until we have reached those goals.

"This award reflects the strength of our community because each individual chapter brings something different to the table, no two being exactly the same, and that is something we take pride in knowing. We celebrate our differences and use those to create common ground between chapters,” said Fultz, a native of Dayton, Ohio, and a double major in marketing and integrated strategic communication.

The national awards were announced just as fall semesters and sorority recruitment begin for universities and colleges across the country. UK Panhellenic sorority recruitment activities begin Tuesday, Aug. 21. Women wishing to join a National Panhellenic Conference sorority at UK this fall should visit to register for recruitment by Wednesday, Aug. 22.

To learn about all fraternity and sorority membership opportunities, UK students are encouraged to attend the Rock the Block K Week event 3-5 p.m. Monday, Aug. 20, at Barker Plaza outside the Gatton Student Center. For more information, see or follow Twitter: @UKYGreek, Instagram: ukygreek, or Facebook: UKYGreek.

“Women want to be a part of this community to make an impact. Together, our Panhellenic women have donated more than 15,000 hours of community service per semester for the past several years. It's the continuous programming and devoted membership that makes a council strong, and the amount of time and effort we see on a daily basis from our women makes us that much stronger,” Fultz said.

“The UK Panhellenic sorority experience provides women with an outlet to find a group of women who share similar values and push you to become the best version of yourself that you may not have known was possible, and continue that support far beyond the four years at UK.

"Here at UK, the possibilities are endless when it comes to being a member of our Greek community,” Fultz said. “This makes it easy to say there is a home for everyone.”

For the complete list of College Panhellenic Associations honored by NPC, visit:

UK is the University for Kentucky. At UK, we are educating more students, treating more patients with complex illnesses and conducting more research and service than at any time in our 150-year history. To read more about the UK story and how you can support continued investment in your university and the Commonwealth, go to: #uk4ky #seeblue

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Panhellenic's Statement on Delayed Recruitment

Dear Panhellenic Community,

On Monday, the University of Kentucky’s Dean of Students and Associate Provost for Student and Academic Life announced their decision, that is fully supported by the Provost’s Office and the University President, to delay Panhellenic’s Fall Primary Recruitment in order to enhance the first year experience of new students. We understand that this change has brought on a variety of different emotions - anger, frustration, and confusion for some and excitement for others. These are all feelings that we have felt too.

For the past year, members of the Panhellenic Council, Chapter Presidents, Chapter Advisors, Recruitment Counselors, and even members of the National Panhellenic Conference took part in conversations with the university where we expressed our concerns for this change. In general, the National Panhellenic Conference supports and encourages campuses to host primary recruitment in the fall prior to the start of classes. During those conversations, we expressed three primary concerns relating to active member and potential new member academic success, involvement at the beginning of the semester, and the impact to the recruitment counselor program.

We are fearful of the impact delaying recruitment will have on the academic success of our active members, as well as potential new members. Women participating will now have to balance time commitments to recruitment as well as their academic requirements. Our active members will have to juggle the same requirements as potential new members, but as upperclassmen with more difficult course loads and expectations. In particular, we have concerns for our women who are in nursing, student teaching, and other majors that require them to complete job shadowing and other internships that occur off campus. The time spent preparing for recruitment activities and hosting primary recruitment will now overlap instead of be before the beginning of the academic term.

We are also concerned with how women’s first year experience could change. one of the most exciting parts of attending the University of Kentucky is the opportunity for involvement in campus events. The beginning of the year provides students with fun activities such as SAB or CSF events, student organization meetings and opportunities, as well as athletic events. The first few weekends will now be consumed with recruitment and they will miss the opportunity to be involved in other campus events. Due to the schedule changes, women will inevitably miss the first football game of the season and the ability to leave campus to travel to away games.

Lastly, delaying recruitment will change the way that recruitment counselors (Gamma Chis) are able to interact with their potential new members. In the past, we have been able to have  Gamma Chis live in the residence hall with potential new members to serve as their guide and confidant through the recruitment process. This new schedule will mean that they are no longer able to be as readily available to their women, and may impact their ability to help them learn campus and build connections with one another.

While we have our concerns, it is also important to reflect on the positive outcomes that come from a delayed recruitment. This change will make the primary recruitment process accessible to more women. Data collected by the university indicated that 8% of first year women surveyed, wished they had gone through recruitment had they known more about it. Delaying recruitment allows our council to spend the first few days back on campus promoting and educating more women on recruitment. Our council will hold K-Week events to promote recruitment as well as the Potential New Member Orientation will be open to all female students. This will then allow for us to keep the registration window open longer so more women can choose to register after they move in.

Potential New Members will also have more time to learn about our community prior to recruitment. We are excited for the opportunity to allow our chapters to showcase who they are in K Week events as well as their actions on campus in a less formal setting. This will allow for more women to learn about who we are as a sisterhood, rather than the expectations or stereotypes they may previously hold.

Lastly, we as active women will now have almost two more weeks of summer! This  means we will be able to fully participate in summer internships, study abroad programs and volunteer work that we usually have to plan around our obligations to recruitment or even withdraw from. With sorority move in now being closer to university move in, we no longer have struggles with finding housing during spirit week and recruitment. This past year, women had to take off at least 15 consecutive days for recruitment from their work. Delayed recruitment means a shorter spirit week as well as time between each weekend to work so women will end up having to request off less time.

We understand that delaying recruitment creates what seems as many challenges, it also creates great opportunities for the continued growth and development of our campus. Over these next few years, learning this new process is going to be difficult However, we as a united community, are strong and resilient. With over 3,900 women, we are the largest women’s organization on campus and the 2nd largest student organization. This year, we were recognized by the National Panhellenic Conference with the Excellence Award which is our 18th NPC Award making us the most awarded Panhellenic community in North America. For 2017, our overall GPA was a 3.34 while the All-University GPA was only a 3.22. We hosted community building events that in turn raised not only awareness, but also over half a million dollars for philanthropic organizations.

Our success is not defined by the dates of our recruitment, but because of the things we do every other day throughout the year. These values and successes of our community define who we are and those are the things that will not change.

Change is often scary and difficult, but it is our goal and obligation to make this new recruitment the most successful it can be. We look forward to working with our community and the university in order to ensure that this new process will be an incredible and exciting experience for both Potential New Members and actives.

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to ask your President or Panhellenic Delegate. We are also always here to address any concerns and you can contact us at or

We thank you for your continued support,

Ellie Cahill, President  Mary Ann Miller, Vice President of Recruitment

Gracie Fultz, President Elect  Christine Vasquez, Vice President of Recruitment Elect


BBN for Houston

BBN for Houston

The four Greek councils at the University of Kentucky - Interfraternity Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council, Panhellenic Council, and United Greek Council - have pledged to match every dollar donated up to $4000. All donated and matching funds will go to support of victims of Hurricane Harvey via the University of Kentucky's Emergency Assistance and Relief Fund. See for more information about the university fund.

Panhellenic Executive Council Applications

For the first time ever, the University of Kentucky Panhellenic Council is opening the opportunity to serve as an officer on the Panhellenic Executive Council to all members of the Panhellenic community. This a very exciting opportunity to serve as a leader for not only your chapters, but for the Panhellenic community as a whole. As a Panhellenic officer you gain valuable leadership skills, fun opportunities to enhance our community, and lifelong friends across different chapters.

In order to apply you must have served as the Panhellenic delegate for your chapter, served as an officer for your chapter, previously served on Panhellenic Exec, been a Gamma Chi, or served on a Panhellenic committee. If you feel that you are qualified for an executive position but do not fulfill these requirements you may submit a letter to stating why you believe you are otherwise still qualified to be a capable Panhellenic officer.

The applications are live on Orgsync in the Panhellenic portal under 'Forms.' These are due on October 4th.

Additionally, there are two Panhellenic interest sessions that you must attend to meet with the current officers and learn about what it is like to be on Panhellenic on Wednesday, September 10th at 6pm in Whitehall 106 and Tuesday, September 19th at 6pm in Whitehall 204.

Once you have attended an interest session and filled out your application, the Panhellenic nominating committee will review your application for eligibility. If your application is approved, you will attend Panhellenic Election Day on October 15th, where you will have the opportunity to give a short speech and answer interview questions in front of members of the Panhellenic community. Each chapter will have one vote for each position to be made based off your speech, interview answers, and application packet.

We are so excited to open this amazing opportunity to each of you and can’t wait to see all of your wonderful applications! If you have any questions please email

Complete iValU by TOMORROW!!

Your iValU bracket is due tomorrow!! Make sure to follow the directions below to complete it.

Below is information about a program that you need to complete by Monday, August 7, 2017. This program – called iValU – is designed to help you learn more about the recruitment process, as well as define what you are looking for in a sorority experience. The program is in two parts. Part one is a video to watch about the recruitment process and some questions to think about before you come for recruitment. Part two is the Values Bracket where you will identify the primary values that you have and are looking for in a sorority experience. Please follow the steps below to complete the program.

Part One – Watch the Video

Part Two – Complete the Values Bracket

  • Go to
  • Enter code: wildcats2017
  • Read the instructions and select 32 values from the list
  • Complete the bracket on the next page.
    • You will have to complete each round (both sides) before moving on to the next stage. You will also have to choose a value in the championship round (your top value) before moving on.
  • Enter your information into the box that pops up. Use the email address that you used to register for recruitment. Be sure to choose the University of Kentucky and hit save.

If you have issues or concerns with completing the program, be sure to let us know via email at or by phone at 859-257-3151.

Family Orientation

Helping your daughter move-in for Panhellenic's Fall Primary Recruitment? Take a break and join us for a Family Orientation on August 12th at 5 pm in Singletary Center! You will be able to hear from the Associate Provost for Student and Academic Life, Dr. Greg Heilman, the Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Dean West, as well as the Parent Association, Residence Life, Panhellenic Recruitment Staff, and more! During this time, your daughter will be busy with her first recruitment orientation with her Gamma Chi. After the conclusion of both of your orientations, you will have time to grab dinner or run any last minute errands before your daughter will attend Panhellenic's Recruitment Kick Off event!

New Move-In Times

Hey everyone! We've got new, updated times for early move-in for sorority recruitment! 

It is determined by your last name and the goal is that you arrive between those times in order to move in! Move-In is known to have lots of traffic so remember to be patient and to thank your Big Blue Move-In volunteers!

9 am to 11 am: Last Names A-G
11 am to 1 pm: Last Names H-O
1 pm to 3 pm: Last Names P-Z

If you have any questions about move-in, please contact Housing and Residence Life!

We can't wait to see you soon!